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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense AttorneyRichard O. Ely II is a Texas Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer with over 35 years of courtroom trial experience.  The last 19 years have been spent exclusively in the Federal Courts, defending people charged with every type of federal crime imaginable.  Any criminal case is serious, but when United States agents from the FBI, DEA ATF, IRS or any of the other hundred or so federal investigative agencies come knocking your door down, you need the knowledge and mental toughness of an experienced professional. You need Richard Ely to represent you and protect your rights.

In practice since 1977, Richard Ely has been a Military prosecutor and defense attorney.  After leaving the military, he was the First Assistant District Attorney in San Angelo, Texas, prosecuting felony cases.  Returning to private practice he defended felony cases in San Angelo and all over West Texas.  In 1994, he returned to Houston Texas and soon became an Assistant Federal Public Defender in The Federal Public Defender for the Southern District of Texas’ Houston Office.

In his sixteen years with the Federal Defender’s office, Mr. Ely Mr. Ely earned a large number of acquittals and outright dismissal of charges for his clients.  This was a significant achievement in a system where federal prosecutors win over 96% of their cases.  Mr. Ely rose to be the Chief of the Federal Defender’s Trial Division before retiring in 2010 and returning to private practice.

Richard Ely restricts his practice to defending people charged in the United States District Courts, the federal trial courts, and does not appear in state court.  Why would someone take on the most difficult work in the most demanding criminal arena?  Because it is where the client most needs his experience and ability.  If you are charged with, or under investigation for a federal offense, you need his experience working to protect your rights.  Call Mr. Richard O. Ely II at 713-524-3443 for a free initial review of you case and an explanation of your rights.

Richard Ely was born at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, in Southern California in 1951.  He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1973.  He received his law Degree from the University of San Diego in 1977.  When he was first assigned to Dyess Air Force Base as a lawyer in 1977 That is when he became a Texas citizen and has thanked God each day since that he did.  Mr. Ely frequently lectures around the country on Federal Firearms Laws and on cyber crime.